Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fantastic Meteor Video

Ok, seriously, how many of you would flash to any end of the world disaster movie if you saw this?!!!!


Happy Sunday everybody! Well, I guess winter is here to stay! It's cold and windy here, but the sun is shining, so as long as I can stay home, it's all good! lol

I have finally finished my most recent hooked table runner, and am very happy at how it turned out! This will be a pattern offered at my Etsy shop, but I'm really wanting to keep the original piece. I was lucky enough to win a book on fraktur how-to that had some beautiful pictures and line drawings that are inspiring.

The background looks black, but it's actually an antique black with overtones of brown plaid. I am planning on building some kind of light box for future pictures because I'm having a hard time getting realistic pictures of the colors in my dyed wool and rugs. All the colors are a bit more muted and primitive than shown in the picture, and I'm really happy with it. If I can't find a nice place for it, I might just offer it on my Etsy shop alongside the pattern.

My birthday was November 8, and hubby came through in a HUGE way! I've been asking for a spinning wheel ever since I took spinning lessons from Pam at Dream Come True Farm in Oxford, CT. Well, this was the year! He snuck around in true surprise birthday present fashion, and completely surprised me with my new Ashford Kiwi wheel!! I have spun a few times, but need to stock up with some basic roving to practice on because spinning is all about learning the basics, then practice, practice, How lucky am I, I ask you? Aaron(hubby), our son Andrew went in together on the wheel, and our daughter Jess gave me an iTunes gift card so I can load up my iPod with some cool holiday tunes! November is quite an expensive month for us because we've got at least 10 birthdays, then Jessica's is on December 4. It takes all year to save up for November and December! lol

My Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel!

Next week will be a flurry of getting ready for Thanksgiving and cleaning up enough to get Christmas decorations up. We have 11 of our closest family and friends (lol) coming over for Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty excited! Everyone is bringing a dish, and we'll back up with a ginormous turkey and desserts. Then it will be a day of eating, visiting, napping, then eating again! That's the best!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun in the dye pots!

I'm finally back into rug hooking! My plans for birthdays and Christmas gifts revolve around knitted gifts, so I've been a mad knitter lately! lol I do enjoy knitting, but had to take a break this week to re-energize my hooking passions! Dyeing wool does just that, let me tell you! I've taken the plunge and listed some of my dyed wools on Ebay, so if you're looking for some great Fall or Christmas colors, take a look. I've only offered a few just to see how it goes, and will probably shift over to Etsy in the end. I'm also working on some patterns and maybe a kit or two for beginners to list in the next week or so.

I have missed rug hooking immensely, and have gotten my brain whirring about thinking up a pattern to work on. I did win a beautiful fraktur book from a fellow PRHG member which I'm hoping will get my creative juices flowing for future patterns and rugs. I've also reorganized my wool studio and had to add another six wire crates for wool storage. I didn't realize how much wool I actually had until it was separated out into more specific color categories. I'm officially overwhelmed! lol If you are a hooker and are looking for specific colors, drop me a line. I am going to start "de-stash" and might just have the exact color you're looking for.

It's off to the studio and some drawing...enjoy a couple of pictures of my crazy

Zeke missing Andrew since he moved out.

Lily laying claim to a shoebox.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't Forget!!

Did you??!! Whatever your party, whoever your favorite candidate, get out and vote!