Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home DIY Project(s)

So, our floors are finished and I'm absolutely in love with them! Of course, my camera is deader 'n a doornail, so pictures will come tomorrow after work. I even hung up most of my rugs in our spare room, and they look pretty good.

Next are both bathrooms (paint and some redecorating), cleaning out the basement, then setting up the guest room. Of course, in between all of that, I have at least two and possibly four trips for work coming up before Jess's graduation and her prom. *sigh* I'm ready for my vacation time!!

So pics tomorrow and off on a work trip on Tuesday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Grenfell Mission rugs on Antiques RoadShow

I'm a huge fan of Antiques Roadshow, and just love hearing about the different items as well as seeing people's faces when they're told how much things are worth. Tonight, in Billings, MT, there was a lady that had brought in a Grenfell mission rug, and this is the second Grenfell rug that I've seen on the show. The appraiser, both times, has said the rugs were "woven". These rugs were NOT woven, but are actually hooked with stockings that were dyed to beautiful soft colors. I'm not quite sure where he gets the idea that the rugs are woven, and he even said that kits were given out to the residents to create the rugs. How would someone "weave" a rug without a loom? They wouldn't, they would HOOK the rugs and sell them for extra income.

Ok, got that off my has been bugging me since the first rug he