Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Such a great Sunday!

This past Sunday, I was a vendor at the 49th Annual Pumpkin Festival in Seymour, CT.  It was such a well organized show with super friendly volunteers, and bazillions of people!!  Aaron (hubby) was such a help as my muscle, and really great as a second set of eyes.  I must admit, he has a pretty good design eye! 

Right after set up....I already look a little worn out! lol


Here's the corner with one of Aaron's ideas.  Hung those shutters right up on the booth canopy.  Great idea!

After a couple of hours, I finally found "my people", as Aaron put it.  Rug hookers, wanna be rug hookers, and hooked rug admirers started coming around!   Four of my rugs found new homes, and even one of my needle punch projects will be heading south in the winter! 

Now that the show is over, we will be heading to the Outer Banks for a much needed vacation with friends for a week.  I will, of course, visit my favorite Outer Banks knitting shop, Knitting Addiction for ideas and yummy yarn.  Once back, I will head back into the dye pots and restock my Etsy shop, expand the colors I offer, and hopefully get the creative juices flowing for Christmas presents!

To any Pumpkin Festival attendees reading, welcome!  Please feel free to leave comments!!