Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowstorm-December 2009!

I almost gave up on the snow yesterday. Heard it was going to start at noon...oh no, not until 4:00, and wait....around 10:00pm. Needless to say I was starting to think it was a joke, but around 10:00 last night it started and didn't stop until early this morning and boy did old man winter deliver!

Our deck and the chairs I forgot to put away!

Our front door before the shoveling commenced!

I do love snow.....and rumor has it we might have more snow Christmas Eve into Christmas that would be a hoot!!!! I'm off to shower than start baking. It's definitely a baking kinda day!!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Holy cow Naomi!!!! That's a lot of snow. Thankfully here in Ohio we barely got hit.


Naomi said...

You all were very lucky then Mary!! We ended up with about 10 inches, but further northwest in CT, there was reports of 2 feet!!

Beth Anderson said...

It was a beautiful snow. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it - almost everyone else complains!
I drove home to the Philadelphia area from southern NY on Saturday driving into the storm and was surprised at how late it hit NY and further north.
Enjoy it, and the next dose if it comes!

Naomi said...

You know Beth, it did hit us much later than expected....I was getting worried it wasn't going to snow at all! lol Now if I had to even think about driving during a snowstorm, I'd probably have a panic attack, but sitting cozy at home is much more relaxing!!