Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tired of traveling!

Vacation is on the horizon! In the last two weeks I was in Ohio, then Texas for work, and I am quite ready to be home for a while. We really thought we saw the end of the work list when the hot water heater decided to give up the ghost. 50 gallons of water in our basement soaking into the rug and pad underneath. Poor Aaron spent the better part of the week and weekend replacing the water heater then drying out the rug/pad. He is such a worker....I would've given up by

I am itching to start a new rug, but there just isn't enough time. I still have four more afghans to knit up in the next month or so, and Jess's graduation to get through. Here's a few pictures of the downstairs spare room and my rug display, and hopefully I will have a couple more to add during the summer.


Coon Hollow Farm said...

Oh my gosh, your rugs are so beautiful! I want to learn, I want to learn! I will help you with spinning, teach me rug hooking! Plus I think it would be so cool to hang out with you! Dawn ;)

Naomi said...

We definitely need to hang out!! And I'll teach ya rug hooking know that! As soon as Jess's graduation is over and the family heads back home, I'll have more time. We'll do a rug hooking day, then a spinning day, then just

And thanks...I kinda like my rugs